Kayak #02 - Single Sea Kayak Rental + Saftey Course

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  • Location: Washburn, Wisconsin
  • Product code: PEJT8N

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About this rental package:
Your reservation starts 1 hour prior to your equipment pickup time. Meet for
training and testing at Thompson's West End Park in Washburn and then
head to your selected launch location for equipment delivery.

Price includes a single kayak rental for 1 person (1-boat) + paddle, life jacket, spray skirt, paddle float, pump. The required Sea Kayak Rental Safety Training Course is $25 and will be added to your reservation at checkout.

Delivery to your equipment pickup location is an extra charge per reservation (between $25 & $50).

How to book -
please follow these steps for an accurate booking:
    1.    Select
your start date
    2.    Select your equipment pickup location.
request that you arrive 30 minutes early for your course and test.
After you complete your course and pass your test we will meet you at
the delivery location you select here.
Click Book Now and then select your date range by clicking on the calendar days
    4.    Add the delivery charge
that corresponds to your selected equipment pickup location and any extras that you'll need for your trip.
Click Confirm

    6.    Fill out all information
on the form (including your predicted itinerary) and click book now to finish your payment. Payment in full confirms your reservation.
You will receive a confirmation email and 2 reminder emails with
important information. Please save the confirmation email for future

  • These kayaks seat two people. Weight restrictions are min. 100lbs and a max 250lbs each person.
  • All rental riders must take our $25 Sea Kayak Safety Training Course AND pass the Sea Kayak Rental Safety Test. A one time $25 Sea Kayak Rental Safety Training Course per person is added at booking ($50 total for a Tandem Sea Kayak & $25 total for a Single Sea Kayak rental. -- see more info below)
  • You must bring your own fully charged cell phone.  Verizon has the best service. 
  • We suggest a maximum of 10 miles of paddling per day for these sea kayaks
  • You will need to submit your itinerary to us and record your plans for reference and safety suggestions
  • If your day rental itinerary includes traveling to the exterior Islands, a VHF radio or ham radio is highly encouraged. Multi-day rentals must bring their own (or rent from us) a handheld waterproof VHF radio (1 per group).

-a 10% discount for groups of 8 or more people may be available (please inquire)

Sea Kayak Rental Safety Test & Training Course

Everyone in the group must be able to pass our Sea Kayak Safety Test. To
pass, you must demonstrate to us, in under 90 seconds each, a T-rescue,
a Rodeo Re-Entry and Eskimo roll, prior to launch. (Illustrated in the 3
videos below).

The duration of the course is 1 hr and takes
place at Thompson's West End Park 1048W Bigelow St, Washburn, WI 54891.
Please take this time into consideration when planning your rental
itinerary. If you think you can pass without the taking the course,
please request to demonstrate to us the skills above when you arrive,
and before taking the course, and if you pass we will give you a refund
of your $25.

We are quite strict about our guidelines for
renting sea kayaks for island crossings and we reserve the right to
deny/cancel your rental if you are unable to pass the Sea Kayak Rental
Safety Test - even if you've taken the
Sea Kayak Rental Safety Training Course.

Planning your itinerary

Sea Caves can be found at the following locations
and are listed from most impressive to least; Devil’s Island, Sand
Island, Meyers Beach, Romans Point, Stockton Island, Outer Island,
Ironwood Island, Cat Island, Bear Island,  Madeline Island, Houghton
Point and Red Cliff (1 cave at Red Cliff). You can expect crowds at
Meyers Beach. The other sea cave locations you will have mostly to
yourself. You will need waves of 1.5 foot or less to enter the sea

Beginner paddlers are encouraged touse Basswood,
Oak, Stockton, Madeline, Long and Hermit Island.  These islands are
protected and offer a safer paddling experience.  Paddlers with experience
can utilize Sand, York, Raspberry, Bear, Otter, Rocky, Ironwood and
Manitou Island (these islands are more exposed and require that you can
paddle in 3 foot waves).

If you are planning an overnight rental you can only launch at Cornucopia, Little Sand Bay, Bayfield or Legendary Waters Casino (Casino costs money to park and launch), as these are the only places to park a car overnight. 

Please note: 

  • We only allow expert paddlers to plan rental itineraries that travel to Devil’s, South Twin, Cat, Outer and Michigan Island. 
  • North Twin and Eagle Island are off limits due to NPS restrictions.
  • We reserve the right accommodate each rental as we see fit

Additional Items for Rent
(you will have the option to add these to your cart at checkout, for rentals longer than 1 week, you may be eligible for a discount (excluding the safety course & guide, please let us know and prices can be adjusted)
  • Wet Suit — $5/day
  • Roof Racks & Straps — $5/day
  • Dry Bag — $3/day
  • VHF Radio+GPS+EPRB — $15 / day
  • Extra Paddle — $5/day
  • Guide — $200/ day